A place to learn how to heal the pain in your body

Are you ready to dig deep and learn what the different pains in your body are really about? I love the simple, yet key advice: Focus on what you have control over. Focusing on anything else is a waste of our precious and limited mental energy. We have control over how we choose to move and live in our bodies. We can make a conscious choice to listen to the messages from our bodies or not. We can decide to manage our stress or not. They are our bodies and it is our choice. The human body is hardwired to heal; if we can learn to listen and give the body what it wants, getting out of nature’s way, we heal.

How do you start to heal your pain in a productive way?


Together, we will work on increasing body awareness, or strengthening the connection of your mind to your body. Then, organically, the body tells us how to heal itself; it gives us the clues. When we learn how to listen, a relationship develops between the body and the mind and everything inevitably shifts. I believe in a holistic approach, but I am a western-trained physical therapist. I am comfortable with complicated surgeries, injuries, and diagnoses or plain old aches and pains. I am a certified Pilates instructor and I believe wholeheartedly in the power of shifting habitual postures and breath patterns; the power of using your body differently.  I will ask you what you feel during different positions and movements, and we will discuss the information your body gives us. We will figure out what the body is trying to say. I will use my hands to feel what is happening in your unique body, while mobilizing joints and releasing tension. This is how we start to understand and heal your pain together. Want to know more about me? Click on the Who Am I? link.