Anchoring Yourself Through Awareness of Natural Cycles

Fall is almost here….the Autumn equinox is on Wednesday, September 23rd. A shift is occurring around all of us and in all of us. Are you aware of it? How much do you see it or sense it? Do you see it in how the leaves change color, in how the animals act differently (I keep seeing the dogs in my neighborhood getting it on, lol), or do you feel it in how the holidays have a different vibe with new colors and foods or in how the length of the day and the temperature all changes? The key is to notice, but once you notice, you might ask “but what does it all mean?”.
I believe a great place to begin to see yourself and others with more clarity and to receive an increased sense of peace, and therefore less pain, is to start noticing one or many of the natural cycles that are consistently occurring around you and within you. There are microcycles superimposed on massive cycles and all of these different-sized cycles in between. These cycles are affecting everything and everyone; nothing is exempt. It is a reminder of the oneness and connection of ourselves with the universe, that’s big! Which natural cycles do you already notice? See what pops up around you and what’s catching your eye. For this new shift in awareness to occur, you will need to consciously set an intention to pay attention and then simply slow down a bit to give some room for your new interest.

Maybe you think the upcoming rare blood moon, or supermoon total lunar eclipse, on September 27th sounds cool? Consider paying attention to the moon cycle. An easy way is to get an app on your phone. There are dozens to choose from and many are free. Read about ancient traditions and rituals around the full and new moons or keep it simple and try this out.
~During the 3 days when the moon is the fullest, set an intention to play, enjoy, and celebrate. Consider doing something formal that symbolizes a shedding of old skin and an emergence of something new.
~During the 3 days when the moon is the darkest, set an intention to rest, restore, and let go. Consider sleeping in, meditating, or retreating. It is a great time write down your desires.

Or maybe the daily cycle of the sun, the movement of the stars or the changing seasons sound interesting to you? Do a little research to learn more. See what intriguing facts come your way.

If you are a woman and you are menstruating, pay attention to your own cycle. An easy way is to get an app for your phone. I like and use P Tracker Lite. Know when you are around ovulation and see if you can feel it happening or preparing to happen. We usually only ovulate from one ovary or the other so you will feel sensations more on the right or the left side of your lower tummy. This is a good time to go out and be social, especially since you are glowing! Ovulation is a time when physiologically we have more strength and endurance. It is the ideal timing for a vacation, to swim in the ocean, or to go on a hike. On the other hand, take the time and make the effort to lighten your calendar during the 3 days around the beginning of your period. You deserve it. Be nice to yourself. Get a pedicure, swing in a hammock, do gentle yoga, or whatever soothes your soul.

Cheers to enjoying this practical tool! Leave a comment below and let me know which cycles you notice and how good it feels to be more “in tune”.

Much love,

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  1. Mariska
    12 hours ago

    Nice blog Angee! I love the smell of the leaves in autumn. An Eye opener to be more aware of the surroundings. We have celebrate life during the blood moon weekend and I have downloaded the app. I will treat myself a good yoga session during ovulation this month 🙂 Keep writing!

  2. Loretta
    2 hours ago

    Wonderful Angee! I too am noticing the pull of the moon! I am getting to know this next cycle in my life and I am grateful for all the cycles my body has already been through. Really a mini-miracle every day! Would love to hear more!

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