Expressions from Along the Pain Journey

Most of us have been on a pain journey before, more than once, that started with something like ouch! or that doesn’t feel right and hopefully ended with us fixing the problem and getting to know ourselves better because of it. We are all human and therefore we all have pain. We could go on for days talking about all the different types of pain, but it is our path through it that I would like to focus on here; since I believe it is the key when it comes to true healing.

When we begin to feel an uncomfortable sensation, we usually go into an odd, contradictory state of tolerating it and denying it at the same time. Somewhere in the background we may think it will probably just go away, and sometimes it does just seem to magically resolve itself. Our bodies are good like that because they naturally want to heal. (Isn’t that cool?) Although sometimes, the pain doesn’t go away or it goes away and comes back…Ugh! Either way, at some point, we¬†end up getting sick and tired of it and we decide we must do something about it. We typically start with trying to numb it out. After going down that road, we realize that the quick fix is only covering up the problem temporarily, plus it is costing us money, time, side effects, etc., and the problem might even be getting worse. That usually leaves us feeling stuck, scared about the future, and confused about what to do next. It is at this low point, we are called to change. If we listen, this is when where we will undoubtedly hear opportunity knock.

It is darkest before the dawn. So it’s bad and it really hurts, but we make a choice to open up to the source of the pain and we stop fighting it; we surrender. And then….BOOM! Something happens, we meet someone or we read something and all of a sudden, we see some light and some hope; we begin to have some clarity. Something shifts and we start to see the real reason the pain is there. It’s trying to show us a new way of doing, of moving, of being.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. How much more human does it get than pain?! It is a part of the experience we are meant to have on this earth. Often, we view pain as a weakness or a sign of failure, so we don’t really want to look at it. The problem is that when we make that choice, we are missing an opportunity to connect and grow through our pain.

We are perfectly imperfect. Yes! What a relief! Let’s choose to embrace who we are, accepting even those things, like pain, that ourselves or others may look at as flaws. It is all a part of what makes us that amazing 1 in 7.3 billion.

Okay, so pain can change us. We already know it changes the way we walk, sit, sleep, swing a golf club, etc., but if we can choose to open up, pain can help us shed parts of our character that are not in line with our higher selves. Pain is powerful and a huge motivator. Sometimes it comes around and changes us when nothing else can. So, how do we change?

You need to get out of your comfort zone. We hear this so much because it really is the only way to grow. And what gets us out of our comfort zone more than pain?! So, pain gets us uncomfortable, but therefore can facilitate change. We just have to be willing to change. Once we are willing, we quickly notice we are no longer stagnant and we are finally progressing! It’s not easy, but it feels right and it feels like we are on track.

Progress equals happiness. If we can choose to respect our pain by figuring out its purpose, we will progress. And if we are progressing, we will be happier. Simple, right? Maybe simple, but not so easy. It takes courage and self esteem, but we are all worth it and our bodies deserve it. So, let’s take a deep breath, set an intention to heal, reach out for support and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

Thank you for reading and for your support! I am enjoying writing for you and my hope is to provide some value with my words. I am already researching and looking forward to writing next month’s post about natural ways to manage inflammation.

Pura Vida,