Who Am I?

Who Am I, Really?


I am a soul who is grateful to be living inside a generally healthy body right now. A soul who thrives on helping others and wants to help to make the world a better place. A soul that is anchored by connecting to nature, its cycles and animals and is replenished with whole foods, herbal medicine, movement, journaling, and stillness. I am a soul destined to contribute to a the current collective shift that is happening in the way we have been thinking in general, but even more specifically how we manage pain.

I am an Alabama and California licensed physical therapist who was extremely fortunate to have gifted mentor for 8 years who taught me an Australian approach to orthopedic physical therapy. He taught me that what my hands tell me and what the patient tells me are the truth. Once I understood this deeper, my work became much more enjoyable since I learned the benefit of being present and listening to what the body and mind have to say.

I have a a master’s degree in physical therapy and I graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in physiology and chemistry. I have taken many continuing education programs and workshops and I am a BASI-certified Pilates instructor.  I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a neighbor, a dog owner, a physical therapist, a manual therapist, a Pilates instructor, a teacher, a nature enthusiast and I am someone who has the skills, knowledge and instincts to put together a very effective and custom home exercise program.  I treat clients at Practice Works in Avondale, Alabama and I teach reformer Pilates classes, duets and private sessions at the Yoga and Therapy Center in Eagle point, Alabama. I practice yoga regularly and really enjoy hiking and exercising out in these stunning Alabama woods.

If what I believe in is resonating with you, this could be your path towards having less pain.

I gained most of my experience learning how to treat pain at Movement Works Physical Therapy, an exceptional PT owned clinic in Long Beach, California. After treating sometimes 20 patients a day over many years, I was exposed to almost every type of orthopedic surgery and a wide variety of diagnoses. This is also where I learned the core fundamentals of Pilates and went on to complete the rigorous BASI Pilates certification program. As time went on, I began to understand that there’s something more to pain than only what we are standardly treating. I saw that we are generally not emphasizing what the body, the source of the pain, is telling us. Once I started focusing on body awareness, if the patient was open, I noticed that the rehabilitation process would move along with much more of a natural flow and a sense of ease. I learned that when we listen to our instincts, strengthening the connection between our mind and body, the healing comes organically. I simply began to see that all of the answers are right there in front of us and treating pain became more simple and much more enjoyable.

This will not be the easy path nor is this the “quick fix”. We will be working on uprooting the pain, not just pacifying it. A good question to ask yourself is “Do I really want to get to the source of this pain and heal it?”. Your willingness is enough. Whether you have minor pains, or a had a major surgery, whether it’s an old injury that only shows up when you exercise or you can barely walk, I can help move you along your path towards less and more manageable pain. These changes will not be temporary, since they are changes made on a fundamental level. As my gift, I would love to talk with you about your scenario, give you some tips, and then together decide if we are a good fit or if  I should recommend someone else  to better help you at this time.